Thursday, December 09, 2004

Trowulan in the Future



Changing will happened on Trowulan if Trowulan is rich of culture. Trowulan is a city that divided by 5 different religions and that is; Catholic, Christian, Hinduism, Buddhism and Islamic, but most of the peoples in Trowulan are Islamic. In our prediction, the revolutionize will occur, that the civilization religion will not mostly be Islamic, but it will be Christian and Catholic. This is because Trowulan is a cultural city, which makes tourist come there. This changing is also occurs in Bali now. Tourist will live there as a civil of Trowulan and make a relatives there. They will teach them the Catholicism


The Structure of Government right now is:
Vice President
In our prediction the arrangement of the government will not be changed, despite the coming of tourist to Indonesia. The leadership from the President doesn’t quite make a change the influence in Indonesia; this is because the citizen in Indonesia is becoming smarter. Maybe there is not going to be any more corruption in Indonesia, because the government in Indonesia is starting to know the risk of corruption.

The peoples in Indonesia are becoming smarter and smarter in politics and they do it without the help of foreigner, but with the help of the new President more quality than before. It is because the education of the President will be more advanced and maybe the laws of becoming the president is going to be change, graduating on professor degree is going to be one of the laws that is going to be change, so that the politics is going to be more modern.


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